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Talking about men’s and women’s sports differently

So I guess it’s basketball season. For me, basketball is tied up with gender equity debates. I remember that what little discussion over gender equity took place at my high school largely centered around the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams.

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Miscommunication in a pluralistic society: Remembering John Gumperz

Last week, a man who most people have probably never heard of died: John Gumperz.  He was, however, a very important discourse analyst and sociolinguist.  His work has had an impact on my own thinking particularly about my approach to

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Why the cynics are wrong (this time)

I still have some things to say about our discourse on language learning and immigration, and I’ll get back to it soon. However, I wanted to interrupt my regularly scheduled broadcast to say a few words about the recent discourse

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Is the media biased? Can the study of language tell us? (Part 4)

In my recent posts I’ve been exploring the choices in language use (or discourse) that CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC made when reporting on the recent fiscal cliff negotiations.  I said that patterns of choices that different writers or groups

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Is the media biased? Can the study of language tell us? (Part 3)

I’ve been looking at media outlets’ coverage of the recent fiscal cliff negotiations, examining how different news outlets differed in the choices they made in reporting the events and how these different choices in discourse might reveal their biases (to

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