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Covering Baltimore: Protest or riot?

The death of Freddie Gray, a young Black man, while in police custody on April 19 sent residents of Baltimore, Maryland into the streets. Many have been actively calling for justice to be carried out, for the police officers responsible to be held

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Two tales of Gaza: Comparing FOX and CNN’s coverage of the violence

In the past month we’ve seen the unfolding of another chapter in the bloody conflict between Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza. Since this conflict is, for me and probably many of my readers, taking place halfway around the world, the

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What they mean when they say “religious freedom”

This December, I went back to the town I grew up in for a brief visit. While there, I noticed a bunch of signs like the one above. They confused me at first, considering that I know the town to

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News that isn’t news: Extrapolating global political relations from handshakes

In the daily stream of things that aren’t news, packaged and sold to us by, of all people, the news media, one set of particularly non-newsworthy events has emerged from Nelson Mandela’s death and subsequent memorial: stories scrutinizing President Obama’s

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Crime and ethnicity in the media: Pickpocketing on a world stage

The Louvre (large museum in Paris, France, pictured below, home to many important works of art, for example, the Mona Lisa) closed today.  Hundreds of staff members walked out citing complaints about rampant crime in the museum that was targeting both visitors and

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