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“It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it”: Delusions of grandeur among language elitists

How close would we come to the apocalypse without grammar snobs’ friendly reminders that we don’t use language “properly”? My never-ending fascination with the minds of grammar snobs has led me to an interesting finding. At least in the minds

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On table manners and spelling errors: How we use grammar to discriminate

Recently, I’ve come across a number of articles by self-proclaimed language experts trying to sell business leaders on the idea that being aware of their current and potential employees’ grammar and spelling is important.  This article calls written language problems

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Miscommunication in a pluralistic society: Remembering John Gumperz

Last week, a man who most people have probably never heard of died: John Gumperz.  He was, however, a very important discourse analyst and sociolinguist.  His work has had an impact on my own thinking particularly about my approach to

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