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Google searches reveal stereotypes. Do they also challenge them?

If you’ve ever started typing something into Google and been disgusted by the suggested results, you’re not alone. Take a look at this screenshot from a search I just did: The seemingly tautological first result aside (although I think people

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“Texting complaints come from stereotypes” printed in Gulf News

A newspaper out of the United Arab Emirates, Gulf News, printed a brief article by me on texting and attitudes toward it. You can check it out hereĀ or I’ve posted the original text (before their edits) here

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Internet explanations for crime: Seriously now, racism isn’t dead

What causes violent crime? It’s an important question, and one that is at the heart of criminology. A large number of factors have been suggested as possible causes and found to correlate with criminal activity (check out this book for

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Why the cynics are wrong (this time)

I still have some things to say about our discourse on language learning and immigration, and I’ll get back to it soon. However, I wanted to interrupt my regularly scheduled broadcast to say a few words about the recent discourse

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