“Should the U.S. Make English The Official Language?” published on Splice Today

The online magazine Splice Today is running an article I wrote titled “Should the U.S. Make English The Official Language?” Here’s a preview:

Debates over immigration policy quickly devolve into arguments over the degree to which immigrants’ presence within our society is “deserved.” One frequently mentioned criterion is language. For example, in his State of the Union address, President Obama outlined a path to “earned citizenship” that included a requirement that applicants would have to learn English.

It isn’t surprising that, in the wake of the Congressional back-and-forth over immigration reform, discussions to make English the official language at the state level in Wisconsin have arisen. If recent history is any indication, we will also likely see more push for official English policies at the federal level (from groups like U.S. English) as Congress continues the debate. …

Continue reading the full article here.

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